The Crossroads

Mainyu was a trickster.

When his nephew, The Seeker of Knowledge, started to map The Crossroads, Mainyu followed him at first, encouraging the discovery of new things. He knew that as The Seeker plotted out the movements of the planets, the tides and the seasons, that there would be a period of half-known facts. Further, he knew that The Mother would disapprove – she feared for The Seeker, even as she approved of his making the world known – and that The Breaker of Chains, The Wanderer would also frown. It delighted Mainyu to bedevil his brothers and sisters.

As The Seeker mapped The Crossroads, there were many tricks that Mainyu played upon him. When he convinced The Seeker that the tides were living things, and The Seeker spent many months trying to make trade with them; when he moved the stars so that The Seeker thought he awoke each night in a new place; when he taught The Seeker that the animals of the fields wanted nothing more to speak with him and to stomp through the forest with great loud strides, which made the Pits of Yan; these all happened on this journey.

But Mainyu realized once the world was mapped that his games were coming to an end. Once the world was mapped, and once Seeker of Knowledge knew the flights of birds and the paths of the skies, there would be nothing new to find and discover. Indeed, with such knowledge as this, The Breaker of Chains himself may shun the infant world.

Mainyu hatched a plan, then, and fled to the far reaches of the planes. He went to the elementals and found the creatures there, alien and strange.

First he spoke to the creatures of fire. He told them of the new world, green and ripe. Water, but the spirits therein were weak fey, not powerful elementals. He told them that if they went now, they could devour this new world without being paused.

The fire elementals distrusted him, but they followed. He led them through the other planes, taking a roundabout path that first led them through air. The air elementals were curious, and they asked where these were going, and what they were seeking. The fire elementals, being passionate and thoughtless, let it slip that there was a world without others there, and they were going to take it for themselves.

Mainyu ensured that those of air understood what was said. When they did, those of air begged to come along. Mainyu pretended to hem and to haw, to think and to ponder. They offered, then, that they would forever owe fire a debt, and would make sure that their descendants were forever strong if only they could come to this new plane. Those of fire relented, and they carried on.

Mainyu left the fire elementals, and he slipped away to the neighboring planes. He found those of water and told them that fire had moved to a new place. Water rushed faster than Mainyu could follow. He did not even try, however. Mainyu fled to earth and told them to come with him. Earth could barely be coaxed into moving, but finally Mainyu convinced them to follow him.

When they reached the planet, they found the world ravaged. A great desert was burnt across the Nibiru continent, and hot winds collided against the raging ocean. The elementals turned on Mainyu and demanded that he partition the world between them.

Mainyu called on Tasha – she born of The Mother and Mainyu. She was the judge, and she would be impartial.

Tasha decreed that water, wind, and fire had each been promised a place, but that they could not live together. She took them, then, and bound the three of them into forms, like unto the great Io. They were strong, clever, powerful, and they each touched their home planes and the magic of this plane alike. These were the first dragons.

Earth was divided. Some of them insisted that they deserved inheritance with the others, seeing that they were losing a place in the new world, while others retreated below to think and to ponder, until after eventual eons, the Dwarves emerged below to take their place with Elves and Hobs. 

. . . But that is another story.